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You’re not alone in your journey through family law.

At the Akbar Law Firm our Family Law practice is founded on an acute understanding of the mental, emotional, and financial strain associated with resorting to legal intervention in private family matters. Our team has handled a myriad of family law issues ranging in complexity and has identified and implemented best practices to help curtail lengthy and costly litigation whenever possible. And by aiming to minimize the negative effects of family law issues on the actual family unit our clients can find some solace in an otherwise difficult situation.


Years of experience handling family law cases have taught us “family law is not a one size fits all practice.” Each family is different, and each case has its own distinctive dynamics. For this reason, we begin every legal engagement by identifying our client’s priorities and providing a detailed and honest view of the legal landscape associated with each goal. In other words, our clients know from inception the strengths and weaknesses of their case and are then better able to proceed with realistic expectations of potential outcomes. We view it as our responsibility to make our client’s options crystal-clear, allowing them to make the best decisions for their family. Throughout the years we have learned that this approach minimizes stress and confusion. It also allows our attorneys to anticipate potential roadblocks before they occur.

Our professionalism is further highlighted by our ability to build working relationships with opposing counsels. Our client’s private family matter is never treated as justification for a legal war between the parties. Best practices in family law indicate that rational attorneys are better able to reach positive outcomes. As such, we navigate through each issue with respect for all parties combined with a laser beam focus on our client’s best interests. It is this routine practice that continues to build our database of collateral professionals, such as mediators, accountants, and psychologist whose non-legal expertise help add value to our strategies.

Further, the ever-evolving definition of family and its demand on our legal system to adjust accordingly requires that family law attorneys never stop learning. Our team prides itself on staying up to date with all matters concerning family law in Florida. We routinely monitor and evaluate changes in the law, new legal strategies, tools, and resources through our ongoing participation in Continued Legal Education (CLE) courses. This gives us the ability to draft innovative and creative strategies on our client’s behalf.

The community organizations, which we support with our time and financial resources, also help us stay connected with other family law practitioners and judges.

Our family law practice is led by Attorney Brandi J. Thomas a skilled practitioner and certified mediator with experience in divorce, child custody, child support, visitation rights, mediation, alimony, and same-sex adoptions among other areas of law.

Attorney Thomas handles each case with a holistic perspective that merges compassion with the relentless pursuit of an equitable resolution. Having started her career in south Florida, Attorney Thomas also has experience within Florida’s Eleventh (Miami-Dade) and Seventeenth (Broward) Judicial Circuits. Her guidance leads our team to successfully resolve most cases through mediation and negotiations. However, we also have extensive trial experience in complex marital and family law matters. Consequently, we are equipped to resolve cases expeditiously and efficiently.

Family law matters routinely handled by our team include:

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