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Akbar Law Firm, PA is committed to the principle of giving back to the community and is grateful to have served people in and around Tallahassee. The firm is an innovative force in the community that works diligently towards transforming people's lives. They invest their time and efforts in quality programs that advocate for better policies, engage people in the community, and generate resources.

The Day That Symbolizes Our Freedom To Raise Awareness That We're Still Not Free

Growing up we celebrated Emancipation Day on the Saturday following May 20th if it didn’t fall on a Saturday. We would get new outfits. And we would go out to Walker Ford and spend the day getting our face painted, enjoying local performers, patronizing vendors, and celebrating our blackness. Although we looked forward to the day every year, I don’t believe most truly appreciated its significance.


New Florida Law Silences Voices and Continues Systemic Racism Across Communities

Fifteen to 20 years from now, the years2020 and 2021 will be their own chapters in history books. The discussion in those history books will be just as much about the COVID-19 pandemic as it will be about the peaceful protests against systemic racism and police violence inflicted on minorities in the United States.


Celebrating National Foster Care Month

‍For all of us, family is where our story begins. However, that family story isn’t always a fairy tale. Sometimes the story includes disruptions resulting in children and youth needing to be separated from their parents, other times family members may have to step in and care for a child or youth when a parent cannot care for them appropriately. All of these are challenging situations that often require additional assistance and support beyond a family’s capabilities.


Women’s History Month: Celebrating Akbar’s Leader Attorney Brandi Thomas

Today, the last day of Women’s History Month, we want to acknowledge a woman that has helped this firm to grow and continue to improve the lives of everyone she touches. Attorney Brandi Thomas joined the Akbar Law Firm (ALF) in 2013, after relocating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Tallahassee, Florida. Prior to joining ALF, Attorney Thomas owned her own law firm where she handled primarily civil and family law matters.


Akbar Law Teams With Popular Superheroes to Train Local High School Students to Become Lawyers For a Day

Students were able to learn about each attorney and received personalized help to build their cases for the courtroom.

Image of Mutaqee instructing two volunteer participants, one male one female,  during a mock trial event.

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